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Yeah I called him with that’s name J I’d really love him since he came when I’m go down and felt empty. At the first I’m never about him! I think he is just like my brother no more but while he said “he loving me” I just laughter and unbelievable with what he said :D i haven’t specially feeling with him however he showed his attention and many kinds strange things I don’t care about this!
I’m just afraid with a commit and LOVE did like yesterday .  I have been getting sick when my ex hurt me inside I can’t started my life to open my heart again with someone new. So hard for me to moved on I have tried so harder but the result I’m often failed till now I can’t apologize my ex L he just bad history maker on my life! But I don’t know why my tears often fallen for the same damn thing,
BUT by the time Giraffe keep faithfulness  waited me J I have known didn’t wrong if I trying to opened my heart for him like other people said “LOVE GROWING UP FROM THE HABITUALLY” J He just ordinary boy ,smooth ,childish sometimes though he rather young than me but he understood with all of what I want. Now only giraffe the boy who I loved :*
We’r backstreet  yeah that’s the best way for us right now I don’t know how to publish our relationship like our friends showing them romantic L but I sure this is part of difficult things on ours, that’s made us keep fighting to face the real of life when no one could understand our feeling they just look from our age and make our love will be strong more and more :D.
And then I just wishes  he will be loving me J like I’d love him :*

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